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2013 420 rancher fuse blown/shift issue

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I posted this on another forum and I just learned about this one. I have been searching for some help with this for awhile. What happens is this... I can put it in EPS mode and start it up. It says it’s in 2nd gear. I can ride around in 2nd gear and sometimes I can shift to 3rd gear. If I try to shift below 2nd or above 3rd, the 30A fuse labeled “Main 1” blows. When I try to put it on auto, the same fuse blows. I removed the shift motor and cleaned it. That really didn’t make much of a difference. It maybe shifted a little better but still blew the fuse. I tested the shift solenoid and it seemed to be working. This quad has 2k miles on it. We have an upcoming poker run on May 11th. to benefit my mom who just had a bone marrow transplant. I’m hoping to have my quad ready for then. Maybe you guys can help.
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First thoughts are that it sounds like either a shorted wire somewhere or a failed ECM... so far. Don't buy any parts yet tho, until you've got some proof to lean on. As for finding the problem that might take a considerable amount of time. I would look at the service manual wiring diagram for clues and be unplugging things one at a time and checking circuits & switches with a multimeter until the fault can be isolated.

My first question would be: Are there any non-OEM Honda electrical parts on the bike? If so, remove those and test again. If not, begin by testing high current drawing components first.

Check the shift switches too... neutral, reverse, auto/drive, etc. Also check the charging system output in case the regulator/rectifier might be spitting out high, AC-laced charging voltage. Max charging voltage should be about 14.5 - 14.7 volts DC revved up.

Is the battery in good condition? Clean terminals and grounds?

EDIT: Also be on the lookout for an internally corroded/melted wiring harness connector. Scrutinize the condition of the fuse box sockets as well.
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Also don't forget to turn the ignition switch off each time before unplugging/reconnecting a harness plug or component. Voltage spikes can fry ECMs.
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