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2013 420 rancher fuse blown/shift issue

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I posted this on another forum and I just learned about this one. I have been searching for some help with this for awhile. What happens is this... I can put it in EPS mode and start it up. It says it’s in 2nd gear. I can ride around in 2nd gear and sometimes I can shift to 3rd gear. If I try to shift below 2nd or above 3rd, the 30A fuse labeled “Main 1” blows. When I try to put it on auto, the same fuse blows. I removed the shift motor and cleaned it. That really didn’t make much of a difference. It maybe shifted a little better but still blew the fuse. I tested the shift solenoid and it seemed to be working. This quad has 2k miles on it. We have an upcoming poker run on May 11th. to benefit my mom who just had a bone marrow transplant. I’m hoping to have my quad ready for then. Maybe you guys can help.
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Ill also add that I do not have the exact manual for this machine. I have one that covers up to 2011. I’m not sure what/if changes were made between the years but I was told that they are similar enough. I’m an industrial mechanic (work on big machines) so I really don’t want to have to take it to the shop I just need a little help pointing in the right direction. I just unplugged the shift motor and started it up. It didn’t blow the fuse when I tried to shift but i really don’t think this proves anything.
Thank you for your reply. I am going to get to work on it again tonight. I’ll take a look at those things.
No I have no aftermarket parts on the quad. It’s 100% stock.
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