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Long story short, bought a 2012 Rancher 420 from a fella for $200. His grandson hit a tree with it and it does not start.I was told there was an electrical issue and that it will not start. I have the shop and the tools but have not worked on much FI engines.

The goal at the moment is to determine whether the engine runs.

The meter/display on the bike is shattered and has water in it. Will the bike run without it?

Voltage at the new battery 12.6V
Voltage at the connector 12.6V
Voltage at the main fuse 12.6V
Voltage at the ign fuse is 0V with key off, ~4V with key on (Spikes high when turned on then it drops to ~6-4V). It seems there is a short maybe?

Voltage at the starter solenoid Battery side terminal is 12.6V
Voltage at the starter solenoid starter side terminal is 0V regardless of if the

Tank removed, drained, and cleaned.
Sending unit was rusted (will replace)
Petcock was clogged (Will replace)
Sub fuel tank/fuel pump (will be replaced)

As far as overhaul goes, I have only dealt with carbs. Is there any other work that should be performed downstream of the pump a this time?

Any other input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time,

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