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2012 TRX420FM Computer Data?

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I just purchased a 12 Rancher, it doesnt have the LCD display, just Neutral, 4X4, CEL, etc Bulbs. Is there a code reader/hand held device i could purchase to see the miles, hours, or basically anything else that the bikes with the LCD screen displays?

Thanks Wayne
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So my guess is not even the Honda Dealer can tell me the amount of Hours/Miles on it? My thought was that since there where 2012 Rancher models with LCD displays that display the Hours/Miles that the computers in them would be recording the info reguardless if the bike had the LCD screen or not. Similar to a OBD2 port on vehicles, vehicles dont show every parameter on the dash but hooking up to the OBD2 port would provide you with the data.
I am unfamiliar with Honda being able to do that kind of service, i.e., plug and determine miles/hours but it may be worth a phone call to a local dealer. I noticed you stated, the unit has LCD and based on the service manual, are there options to toggled through it? I realize my unit is newer, but you have to toggle through it to see miles/hours.
no, he stated there are atvs with LCD's, and said his does not have it, and wondered if they still can show all the info ?. atvs with LCD's have a built in memory/CPU chip in them, this stores the info on the display.
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