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2012 TRX420FM Computer Data?

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I just purchased a 12 Rancher, it doesnt have the LCD display, just Neutral, 4X4, CEL, etc Bulbs. Is there a code reader/hand held device i could purchase to see the miles, hours, or basically anything else that the bikes with the LCD screen displays?

Thanks Wayne
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Wayne, I don't know of such a device for the unit to read the hours/miles at this stage. Going forward, however, I would just pick up an hour meter online and install it. There are numerous videos showing how to install hour meters online (simple wrap around the spark plug wire) and mount it somewhere where you can easily see it. Also, you can download the complete service manual for that unit from here, see the first thread listed, Honda ATV Schematics / Manual Help - Honda ATV Forum
So my guess is not even the Honda Dealer can tell me the amount of Hours/Miles on it? My thought was that since there where 2012 Rancher models with LCD displays that display the Hours/Miles that the computers in them would be recording the info reguardless if the bike had the LCD screen or not. Similar to a OBD2 port on vehicles, vehicles dont show every parameter on the dash but hooking up to the OBD2 port would provide you with the data. But it was just a thought thats all. I didnt know if there was something or not which is why i asked. Thanks!

I use a couple of these, they work very well! If you go aftermarket meter, route , get a meter with a refresh rate of 0.5 sec, this one (pic) has a refresh rate 0.5 sec, n measures hours , rpm, engine temp, also records max rpm , and highest engine temp, it's back lit green, bounce me a PM if you have any questions, also......
Who makes that and what is the model number to it? Even better would be a link to it on Amazon or eBay. Thanks!!

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