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I’m new here, I have a 2012 Honda Rancher 420, it’s a 4x4 manual foot shift. I bought it a few months ago and i love it. However, it has some issues. While riding, i noticed that the bike isn’t accelerating like it should, the gears seem short when i get to 3rd gear(3rd gear and up is where i notice it the most but it does it in lower gear as well). But once i reach 3rd gear and give it gas it just goes up in rpm and doesn’t accelerate like normal. But after it revs up for a few seconds it will just start to accelerate and pick up speed.

I recently adjusted the valves but i think it needs a timing chain adjustment or a completely new timing chain. I also changed the oil.

A few weeks after i got it it was acting up and i started it up and shifted it into gear and it wouldn’t move. But me and my brother adjusted the bolt on the front of the motor, the bolt that adjusts the clutches. After we did that it moved again but it was still “slipping”.

I haven’t opened up the motor other than when i adjusted the valves, but the previous owner definitely had the motor open at some point.

I came on here to get some answers as to what could be the problem before i spend money on something and it not be the solution. I am definitely thinking it is the gears or clutches, i’m just not sure exactly the problem. Could it need a clutch adjustment?

If anyone knows or has experienced this and has answers, please let me know.


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