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I was curious if there was a rule of thumb or a known limit to the eletrical system on the bike. I plan to have a set of HID headlights, 20" LED light bar, 2500lb Winch & maybe 2 LED cube lights. Everything would be wired using relays and pulling power directly from the battery. I just curious if the charging system on the can keep up with that amount of load.

Most of the time it would be just the headlights and maybe the 20" light bar. The cubes and winch would be a as needed thing. So can the charging system keep up with the demand?

A bit off topic but i have a favor to ask. Im on my work computer that doesnt allow me access to download the service manual from the link from this site. Could someone download it and then send the file to my email?

I have a 2012 Rancher 420 SRA 4X4 TRX420FM
Email - [email protected]

Thanks Wayne

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