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2012 TRX420FPE unit had been slipping in higher gears in 2wd, 3rd and up, under acceleration. This slipping is just like a car with a manual transmission under acceleration and you push in the clutch pedal, immediate rev and loss of acceleration. No noises like gears teeth slipping on teeth, just disengagement of power.
We pulled the front case, saw the centrifugal weights and drum looked like they had gotten hot. Replaced all these components with new Honda and replaced the clutch plates with new Honda as well. Replaced the springs with EPI economy which should give a small, 500 rpm, stall.
All assembled back, adjusted the clutch bolt on the front cover per instruction, CCW until you feel tension, then 1/4 turn CW and lock it down. In 2wd, under hard acceleration, it still goes into a freewheel situation of rev and loss of power? Then adjusted the clutch tighter and looser, but no change. Put the unit in 4wd and it pulls hard thru all gears with no felt slipping?
A little more background, the rear solid axle broke a while back, it's new. The rear differential grenaded on a ride, it's new along with the propeller shaft and u-joint. Pretty much everything is new except the gears in the rear end of the case! I don't understand the continued slipping with all new clutch components!
The Honda manual mentioned slipping could be caused by a "faulty clutch lifter"? Anyone had issues with the lifter assembly? We did the inspection as recommended by the Honda manual and the race and bearing rotated freely. Really confused on what could be wrong beyond the pieces we have replaced.
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