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2011 trx420fm stalling after 10 minutes

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Alright i have a 2011 trx420fm. It rides great for the first 10-15 minutes then suddenly sputters and dies. Its hard to start after and usually have to wait about 5 minutes before it will finally fire. Ive checked air filter and fuel pump and filter. Is there anything im missing? Also i noticed tonite that after it stalls i turn the key on and there is a slight ticking sound near the rear of the motor.
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Thank you. Sorry i meant trx420fpm. Its a 420 rancher. I dont know if it has the angle sensor on it to be honest. It does have the fuel tank vent and it is clear. When i ride it i ride it fairly hard and have no problems with it. I let my daughter run it yesterday and thats when it started. She was just driving it around the yard. I did find the positive battery cable loose so itightened it up but it still stalled out after 5 minutes of her riding it
Ok thank you for the FSM. I appreciate the help
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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