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2011 Rancher 420 AT EPS issue and question

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So I'm downloading the service manual as I'm typing. I have a 2010 Rancher I'm working on and the power steering is not working. I did change the 40A fuse, and actually should have tested the first one as it is fine. On Youtube I saw how to reset the power steering unit on a 2014 by jumping the red dummy plug, using a screwdriver to put under the control plate and then turning the handle bar a few times. Is this the same procedure on a 2011? I looked at a service manual on YouTube but didn't find the reset procedure.

Any useful help would be appreciated.

Also, at times the unit "shifts hard" in automatic mode. Also, it doesn't like going into gear in automatic. I'm guessing angle sensor. This machine has 3,700 miles on it and has seen trails from TN,WV,KY and Ohio. So it's not a garage ornament. But it's not beat to crap either. Just well used.

This is a 2011 Rancher 420, Automatic, Power Steering, IRS,

Thanks for any input.
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I did the PS reset to the DCT, still doesn't work. Noticed some oil or fluid coming out of the unit. I'm guessing it is shot. I must be one of the few with these issues. But I do understand most Ranchers don't have PS and are ES.
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