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Put new fuel pump and canister on, changed oil,oil filter, spark plug (x2), fuel relay, air filter, and it started fine. Idle was a little boggy at times, so “ smart a” me, decided to take Air Intake Valve out and clean with recommended throttle body cleaner, then it began idling high, till it goes by itself! I bought new Air Intake Valve and it had No difference. Changed fuel twice and added sea foam ( little bit) cleaned out throttle body by using recommended spray. Nothing. Could it be Throttle Position Sensor? If I had left it alone it would not have started this, I am sure. But, I can’t put it up on my truck or I’ll go thru the back cab!!! Lol but sad. Any suggestions that will help, that I may be able to do, except spent 75.00 Just for Honda to Look at it, throttle Position sensors are $25 online. I am mechanical but if it’s hard to get to, I don’t want to mess anything up! Help me bud or buddettes! Thanks
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