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2011 Hatfield McCoy Trail Permits

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2011 Hatfield McCoy Trail Permits go on sell to the public the last part of November. If you really want to get your money's worth, plan a late November or December trip and buy the new 2011 permit. This permit will be good until December 31, 2011. Over 13 months of riding for fifty dollars--now that is what we call a good deal.

Take advantage of the 2011 permits. Start planning a winter trip today!

Lisa and Marty
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I was there Jan 1st of this year...I am from Florida and it was COLD. It was snowing non stop, it rained so everything froze, We almost could not leave because we took a 40' 5th wheel and the resort "ashland" roads were freezing and we literally slid down the resort road to the main hwy..It was awesome riding, but it was so cold it was almost miserable. I bet it would be beautiful land to see and ride in the spring time! But yes you can ride for days and never hit the same trails and it is all types of trails. Mud, snow, hills, trails, hwy roads, etc!
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