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2009 TRX420FGA parts compatibility

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Hi all, I'm trying to replace a few parts on an '09 TRX420 Canadian Trail Edition, model number printed on the left front frame is TRX420FGA. Unfortunately for me, parts seem fairly uncommon for this bike.
For example, I'm having trouble determining whether the front fender is interchangeable with any other quads of a similar model (FPA for example)? Also not sure whether this quad is considered to be a FourTrax, Rancher, or?

Any recommendations are appreciated!
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Any 07-13 420 Rancher fender will fit, so yes, a 420FPA fender will fit.

Interesting. We don't show an FGA on the 420 in 09. The G stands for GPS. The P in FPA stands for Power steering. The basic bike is an FA

But a lot of stuff will interchange between other 420's. Anything else in particular you need to know about? I've rebuilt a few 420 footshifts and the wife has a 420FA that I rebuilt so I've got a pretty good idea of what will swap.
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