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2009 TRX 250TM Wiring Diagram

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Has anyone got a wiring diagram they could send me please of a 09 TRX250TM please.

Email: [email protected] (please don't spam it)

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Can i run two 35W HIDs as well as the normall twin 25W with all the other electrical things? I no the alternator is 110W = 9.16Amps i think the 25Ws use 4.1amps together i think correct me if im wrong, 35 HID each is 2.9amps max so close to 6amps max (do HIDs run at full power all the time or just on the first turn on?). Total drainage just for lights would be approx 10amps so 1amp difference how low would it take the battery to drain if i ran all the electrics?
Sorry if its really confusing.
thanks for the link should do for what i need to find
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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