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If you overfill your diff, it will leak out the left rear wheel.

If you haven't changed your fluid, then you probably got water in the diff, and that overflowed out of the left seal.

Jack your wheeler up, remove left rear wheel, remove axle nut and hub, remove diff skit plate, then unbolt the left shock at the bottom, and undo the 4 bolts holding the axle tube to the diff.

Pull the left diff seal out (tiny flathead, or seal hook, be careful not to mar the sealing surface), tap new seal in place.

Replace the left axle bearing and seal while you have the tube off. They are cleap and that's where water gets in most of the time.

Inspect your left hub and make sure the sealing surface isn't grooved. If it is, and you don't replace the hub, you will have water back in there next time you ride.

I drill my left axle tube on top, tap it, and add a grease zerk. Pump a crap load of grease into the axle tube, and it will help keep water out IF your seal doesn't do the job.

Here are pics of that left rear hub and the sealing surface.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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