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2009 Rancher depression plz help

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I have a 2009 Honda Rancher 420 Fm 4x4. Long story short I took it to the shop to have the case replaced and the shop doing it f**ked me over for 7 months and skipped town on me, plus everyone else he was doing business with. Leaveing me with a half done job and my top end M.I.A. So i purchase a new 1, printed the manual, and went to work. Everything back in place and the engine just turns over but doesn't start. I have went with a new ignition coil, battery(M.I.A TOO), spark plug(replaced 3x), & fuel injector. I still get the same results just turns but won't start. But when i spray gas into the carb and put the air filter back on it start and runs. But when i hit the gas it starts to die. I'm leaning towards the fuel pump but I hear the fuel pump coming on. I'm beginning to give up because of the loot I'm losing. If anyone has any info that could help me I would be unbelievably grateful. Please
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Have you got all of the sensors on the motor plugged in? Including the one in the airbox?

If so, begin troubleshooting steps found in the service manual starting with controls on the throttle body... the IACV, TPS etc.
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