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Hello everyone! in need of some info and advice and what better place to go than a dedicated forum!

I’ve been looking to purchase a preowned for use plowing and hauling on my 8 acre property. I’ve owned Honda motorcycles in the past and I’m very familiar with the Honda reliability so obviously that’s what I’m looking for. I came across a 2009 rubicon at a local Honda dealer. i stopped to take a look at it today. It seemed to have a bit of trouble starting but it was 10 degrees out and another gentleman at the dealership mentioned the battery needed a jump that morning when they brought it outside for display.

weak battery doesn’t scare me, I’m sure the dealer would replace it. I like to think I know more than the average joe when it comes to engines and machines but I’m no expert. here were my actual concerns:

I pulled the wince cable out. There was no fraying, but when trying to re-spool the winch the solenoid clicked but winch made no noise and did not seem to work.

The bike also would not shift into 4wd. flipped The switch, no sound, no light on the dash, and the front wheels did not engage. I tried in neutral, hi, and lo. No luck. The shift lever was a little stiffer than I expected as well but that may be normal. Been a few years since I’ve ridden an atv.
the dealership was closing and the salesman looked stumped. He said he’d have the techs take a look and call.

So to get down to it...should I completely pass on this? obviously the dealership would be repairing any issues but are these significant concerns of a larger issue or simple fixes?

overall the atv was very clean. Was told it was used by an older gentleman and not abused.
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