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2008 Rancher 420 fuel injected, 4X4, electric shift, <700 miles on it.
Was running rich, very rough and backfiring. Replaced plug, new gas, new IACL. No change. Consensus seems to be fuel filter.
Ordered side mount fuel filter upgrade kit online and IT DID NOT FIT. Called local dealer he said he had a fix. Drove 40 minutes to him and all he had was what I already had; he could not make it work either. A couple hours and 60 miles RT wasted there. Everyone said this new upgrade kit would work; it did not. New plastic housing is too short to engage locking clips. It is off by about 1/8". Sent a note to online seller and he has not responded at all.
So I ordered a new fuel pump and old style A62 bottom mounted filter.
Put it all back together in unheated garage at 16 above F. New full tank of ethanol free high test.
Will not start. Will crank no worries. Will run fine on ether for a bit. Did this at least four times.
I can hear the fuel pump kick on for a few seconds until system is pressurized and then kicks off.
It seems to be starving for fuel. Switched fuel selector to normal and reserve, no change.
What did I do wrong? Is there a vapor lock somewhere? Is my injector bad?
and BTW, when doing this job, a 10 mm ratcheting flex-head wrench was way more useful than a socket for removing/installing the fuel pump/filter housing 10 mm bolt. Sneak it in from behind the right front wheel.
Any ideas?
I am not happy and have snow to plow!
Thanks in advance,

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Did you add any gas line antifreeze to your fuel, you might have a piece of ice in the lines.
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