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Hello again, about 2 months ago I had the front cover off my rancher to fix the noise by changing the the timing chain. Well I thought I had it fixed, it was good when I test started it right after but the strange thing is that at that same time I had the left side(side with kill switch) jacked up off of the ground about a foot and a half to put the skid plate back on. Once it was back on the ground and I drove it for about 30 seconds the noise came back so it went back into the garage and sat until the weather got better. Now, lol... now I took another video of it and it seems like it is worse, so i took a video, took the top end apart and ordered a new top end. So I'm here basically to ask if it actually could be the top end making this noise or if I will be wasting my time putting it back together... here is the new video. Thanks
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