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2008 Honda 680 Rincon stator issue

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Hey all, first time here, from Alberta Canada, I hope someone can help me out. I just got a Honda 680 from my cousin who got it brand new, it’s completely original untampered. It randomly had no spark coming from the stator/ pulse pick up, I replaced it it ran good. Let it run a good 5 minutes, it ran good reved it up it worked like it should, I jumped on floored it down the road and it just died instantly, same issue, my pulse ignition has no spark again. There was a little oil in the stator is that normal, I really don’t wanna burn out another stator, they are not cheap. Thank you


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Hey is there any way to test that
Thanks I have checked for wires yes but everything I can find looks in very good condition, the machine wasn’t used for mudding so it’s all pretty clean.

heres a good tutorial on how to test a regulator/rectifier.

Oil in the stator area is normal, have you checked your harness for any bare wires? particularly in that stator assembly.
Yup I will I brought it to the dealership I’m lost

QUOTE=shadetree;1280092]@Manny, thanks for the video !. @op, please let us know if you discover that your reg/rec is bad ?, and this is what the problem is ?, this thread might help someone else out later down the road ! ?.[/QUOTE]
So even the dealership can’t tell me anything
Can I install the stator wrong?
It was actually not an own Honda part, maybe that’s the problem. Not cheap burning these things out like that
Can I install the stator wrong?
not that I know of ?. most stators ( assuming you got an oem from honda ? ), only plug in one way. if this is an after market ?, then its posb I guess ?.
the dealership ordered me the stator
1 - 8 of 16 Posts
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