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2008 Foreman won’t start

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This is my first post. I bought a 2008 Honda foreman 420ES. It has started and ran fine for the first month. Yesterday the kids were riding and used the kill switch to shut it off. I went to start it back up and all we have is a click from the solenoid. I towed it back to the house and have tried the following with no success. Tested the battery and swapped it out with newer one from another unit. Checked the solenoid it has 12v and 1-2 ohms when the start button is pressed. Took the starter off and bench tested it. I went ahead and took it apart and inspected it and cleaned it up and put it back on. I have no voltage to the plug at the starter. I pull all the plastic off and inspected all plug connections and looked for loose or broken wires and everything looks good. The neutral N on the dash blinks 2 long blinks and 4 quick blinks. Can the shift motor or angle sensor keep the unit from starting. If so any advice on troubleshooting would be great.
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first off, there is no such model as a 2008 trx420es foreman !, those models are trx420es ranchers :). second, if the starter is good ?, you wont get any voltage to the starter until you press the start button, which activates the starter solenoid. if the starter solenoid is bad ?, it wont crank !. simple test : with everything hooked back up CORRECTLY MIND YOU !, turn the key on, take an old screw driver, bridge the terminals on the starter solenoid, if the starter then cranks ?, then the solenoid is bad !, DONT CHEAP OUT..AND BUY ONE FROM AMAZON OR EBAY !!!!, BUY IT FROM HONDA...OEM !!.
So I’m new at this with that said I screwed up! I pulled the shift motor of thinking it was the starter. I also took it apart and cleaned it and put it back on. Today I pulled the real starter off and it is trashed. Magnets are shattered. I am going to get an OEM from the local dealer and put it back together. So with the starter replaced did I screw up by pulling the shift motor off and if so what do I have to do to fix it?
I called they want 300! Online looking at 200. As far as the brushes I was able to get everything back together. Is there somewhere else to find parts at a better price for oem. I looked at partzilla, bike bandit, and Honda warehouse. They are all at the 200 mark give or take 5 bucks.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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