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1st off let me start with hey my name is Doug, out of middleboro mass and im itching to get back out riding again. So I apologize if this is in the wrong category. If anyone is from the area I always enjoy going out with people ?

Also would like to state that I was an idiot and did things before watching videos. So my problem is with the rear axle / differential
I recently acquired this quad, checked to see how the differential fluid was and it was bone dry. So I filled it ALLLLL the way up ?. Come to find out there is a check bolt so you dont fill it all the way up?‍♂. Only took me a few days to find video proving .. I'm an idiot.. but in those few days I noticed the following.

1] all the extra dif fluid I put in was leaking out from the axle. More the right side (as your sitting on it) then the left

2] the second thing I had noticed (before my stupidity) was as you hold onto the rear grab bar standing on the ground and shifting the atv left the right there is about a half inch of play on the axle into the differential is that normal?


Is there any specific cleaning I should do for the extra differential fluid I put in. (I dont have any rear brakes if that makes a difference)

For the play in the axle what's my route I should take I'd rather not do all the differential bearings if I dont have to. There a a few options on Amazon for roughly. $25 ish $35ish or like $78 bucks for the whole kit and caboodle

Thank you for reading
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