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2007 TrX500FE Foreman 4x4 ES wont move

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atv won't go forward or reverse I don't even hear a CLICK like if it was trying to go forward,I put a new $130 Battery,check the fuses,I just bought this bike. He got it of his trailer put it in my garage,I tried to go for a ride the next morning no way it won't move I don't hear that click what should I do or check next,This is my first Honda.Thanks
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try shifting with the emergency shifter tool, see if you can change gears that way ?, if not ?, then you got big problems..other than buying a electric shift !
please don't make more than one post on same topic, one post, one thread is all you need. posting all over the forums WILL NOT GET YOU ANY HELP ANY FASTER !..THANKS !.
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