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2001 Honda rancher 350, 2007 Honda Rubicon 500
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Hello, I'm new here. Came because I'm looking for some help on an issue I've been having with my rubicons 4wd system. bought it about a month ago and it seems to be in great condition, it has some performance mods (HMF exhaust, larger carb jets, K&N air intake, rad relocate, snorkel, vent lines, etc.) seems like this thing was build for good trail riding.

Anyways, took it for a ride one afternoon and I realized I was slipping (traction not clutch) going up hills (gravel hills with snow that had been plowed), usually doesn't slide even in 2wd but I just thought I was on some ice so after I got up the hill I did the normal process of slowing to a stop, foot on the brake, sliding switch into 4wd. the light came on so I though I was in 4wd. as I keep riding (still on the same road, same conditions), I still felt like I was slipping so when I was riding back home I did a little test on a snowy hill, was still in 4wd (supposedly) and I gave it some throttle, rear wheels were spinning as id expect because this was a short but steep and icy/snowy hill but I realized that the front wheels were not spinning at all, I did some more tests where I drive into some deep snow and tried to get out, I managed to but the front wheels were giving me no help. in conclusion, I realized the 4wd system was not engaging. Also, I did take it to where there is no snow to see if there is a difference in handling in 2wd vs 4wd(there is not)

took it home and it been in the garage, stripped off some bodywork to be able to see more easily but can't figure it out, looked on some forums and found that there is an error code retrieval process so I did that the code is as follows: gear selector, D1, D2, ESP, AND 4wd flash 5 ties then a one-second gap then 5 times again, repeat.

everywhere I look in finding different answers like oil pressure, angle sensor, speed sensor, etc. I think it could be the speed sensor because when I am in 2wd it gives a terrible speed reading (shows 7 km/h when I am probably doing 30)but in 4wd it feels more accurate, doesn't make sense though because if the front speed sensor is messing up my 4wd why is it giving more accurate speed reading??

I love riding this thing, would be great to get it back on the trail for the spring. Please feel free to give any response, any help is appreciated, i will also update this thread if i know anything else regardless if anybody responds.

PS, can't decide if I should be riding D1 or D2 on trails and road, thanks!
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