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2007 Recon carbureator adjustment issues

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Hi all, I have a 07 Recon purchased from a dealer new in 09 probably has less than a 100 miles on the bike.The problem is the thing will not idle and stay running when cold choke or not,you have to baby the throttle thats when you finally get it to start.Have tried adjusting the idle screw on the right side of the carb. and little adjustments make no difference then BOOM its way out of wack have to back up and try again.I,ve noticed the screw on the bottom left frfont of the carb but figured this was the mixture screw and didnt need to mess with this.Now the thing idles a little fast for my taste but will idle ok for a minute or so the idles faster and faster on its own,i bump the throttle to get it to idle downand it doesnt work but i can pull out the choke and just about kill the engine push it back in and it idles normal.this idling high part is when the engine is hot after running for 20 mins or so. Thanks in advance for your help.
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I agree with Helmut. It sounds like a dirty carb.
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