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2007 recon 250 es

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I am trying to fix a 2007 recon 250 ES I am having problems getting fire from the spark plug I have changed the spark plug and change the ignition coil and wire and still no spark trying to see if anybody could point me in the right direction of what to try next
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First requirement is a decent quality multimeter spec'ed with 10 megOhms impedance minimum. You can buy a cheap china one for low energy use only, or spend a lot more for a safety rated Fluke. Then you'll need to read the service manual and follow diagnostic instructions in the ignition section. Until you do those you/we can only make guesses... and 99% of those guesses will not fix it, no matter how much money you have to throw at it. The work is easy... Have fun with it!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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