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2007 Rancher new carb will idle then a very high rev anybody had this problem?

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I put on a aftermarket carb and didn’t adjust anything normally they work fine. This one upon start will idle for s second then rev up really high for a few seconds then back to idle and keeps repeating. Also the speedometer got some water in it and needs replacing would this make it cause that problem? TIA David
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What ATV is it?

The main issue is the aftermarket carb, scrap it and buy a used known good OEM replacement and overhaul with an OEM or known good brand service kit such as shindy.
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They said it was a 07 and this is what it looks like. View attachment 149152
I'd start again with an OEM carb, those China cheapies never work. Search the forum, you'll see so many posts about them, they ALWAYS cause issues.
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