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Hello All,

First post on the forum!

Looking for advice regarding the rear differential. I recently purchased this machine from a friend. The rear brakes were seized which I hear is common. I took it all apart a couple days ago and there was muddy water in the drum. The seals looks okay but were probably worn.

While I was working on the brakes I drained the rear diff (fluid thick / black but not muddy and no water). I refilled it, flushed and refilled again (slightly overfilled). I left it overnight and the excess leaked into the axle tube and drained out the brake side which was still dismantled.

Should I be concerned about the diff inside seal or is it normal for the excess to leak out (about 1 oz). I'd like to figure it out before reassembling the brakes if I need to do the diff seal. The outside seal looks fine and the oil wasn't too bad.

Also, for aftermarket what is the quality of Allballs vs OEM diff rebuild kits?


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If you overfill a diff it will leak out. What I've started doing is getting a #3 drillbit, a tap, and some grease zerks.

Drill a hole in the axle tube, tap it, screw in a grease zerk, and pump a bunch of grease in the axle tube. The grease filled axle tube will help keep water away from your diff, and in your case would also hold the gear lube towards the diff.

I'm not a fan of allballs. I got out of spec wheel bearings once and that kinda burned me on all balls. That said, anything short of OEM are going to be china cheap bearings, and at least with diff bearings they stay oiled with diff fluid. If you mud/water ride a lot neither will likely last long, but if you're planning on working/cruising it I would use OEM.

If I had a SRA OBS 420 I'd be looking for a 2012-2013 Foreman rear end to swap in. They're full tubed with bearing support at the wheels so should hold up MUCH better.
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