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2007 Rancher 420 Decompressor "Click" Noise

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After finishing up my top-end rebuild, I decided to turn the engine over (clockwise) by hand a bit just to make sure everything was free. Doing so, I kept hearing an unusual "click". After several turns, I finally isolated the "click" to the exhaust rocker / push rod. You can't see it any movement visually; but, if I put my finger on the rocker arm, I can "feel" it. Only thing I can "see" is some movement in the pushrod when the "click" is heard ... just after, the exhaust valve will open.

I've isolated the "click" to the decompressor on the camshaft ... seems the cam follower is riding the decompressor and "dropping" just before it picks up on the actual exhaust cam lobe - causing the "click" noise.

Is this normal? Or, am I looking at going in for a camshaft replacement :eek?

Here are some videos, the first is my "click" (short vid) & the second is another video I found of nearly the exact same condition.

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