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Picked up a new project, a 07 Rancher 420 FE, and it needs a new crankshaft. Big end of the rod is sloppy.
Been doing some research and have found that the 2012 cranks fit the 07 and are cheaper.
But checking the 2014 crankshafts are even cheaper, but I haven't found anything to tell me positivly that the 2014 crank will fit the 2012 and down years.

Part numbers and prices I've found, prices are from partzilla
2007 13000-HP5-600 $394.24
2012 13000-HR0-F00 $378.45
2014 13000-HR3-A40 $269.72

So my question is does anyone know for sure that the 2014 crank will fit my 2007?

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Vince at Mr Crankshaft can rebuild your existing crank, but it's about the same cost as a new crank. He claims his rod kits are superior to OEM, and I have a couple of cranks he's rebuilt but haven't installed them yet. They look great and feel tighter than the OEM new cranks I've handled.

As far as interchange, can't be sure without trying it. I doubt they changed them though. The 2012-up cylinders and pistons are all the same, as are the crank bearings, which tells me that the cranks are dimensionally the same in that area.

The flywheels and stators are different, so I guess there's a chance the rear of the newer crank could be different, but it would be in Hondas best interests to keep the crank the same rather than make such a minor change in the design.

Bottom line, no way to tell without trying it or having both in front of you to compare.

You might hit up toodeep over on and see if he knows. He works in the shop at a Honda dealership and owns several 420's. He might know.
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