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2007 Rancher 420 4x4 no start condition

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Hello all, I'm new to the forum and hoping for some advice. Several weeks ago my 2007 rancher 420 manual shift atv wouldn't start, just the selenoid clicking. Then it started for a few weeks with no issue, then started the same thing. A no start issue and the selenoid just clicking

I have replaced the battery, the selenoid, the starter, cleaned all cables from all terminals, I have continuity from the start button, full voltage to the selenoid and to the starter. I can start the atv by jumping straight from an external battery directly to the starter. It will fire up with no hesitation.

Now when I hit the start button the selenoid won't even click, absolutely nothing. But I can still fire up the atv by going straight power to the starter. I'm completely stumped !!!!. BTW I tested my original starter and it really was bad. So it seems that the original no start issue really was a locked up starter. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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is the starter solenoid oem from honda ?. if not ?, my money says its a cheap china piece of junk !. battery fully charged ?. all cables clean and tight ?. if starter works straight from a battery to starter, but not when through the starter solenoid ?, this tells me you did not buy an oem starter solenoid from honda.
sounds too me, the battery is bad, not enough cca's ( cold cranking amps ).
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Sounds like a bad battery or bad/dirty ground wires to me. Take a voltage reading of your battery using an ohmmeter, it should be a minimum of 12.4 volts.

Oh, and DON'T buy China parts again, they cause more issues than there worth lol :)
even if he see's 12 or more volts ?, this is not what cranks the starter, well, its not the only thing !, it needs amps, as in cranking amps to spin the starter as well as 12 dc volts.
Ok guys. Here’s what all I’ve replaced, with OEM parts. Battery, selenoid, starter, ground and positive cable, and start/kill switch. It’s still doing the same thing. The solenoid just clicks very fast repetitively and the injectors kick out. But I can still start it by jumping straight to the starter with an external battery. It fires up immediately with no hesitation. Thanks for all of your advice so far. I know this the process of elimination. So hopefully we nail down the problem soon.
this ^^^^, tells me your not hooking the starter solenoid up correctly from battery, and battery to ground on frame/engine. starter solenoid is a china knock-off part ?. any time you can go straight to the starter, and it cranks over ?, this is a sure sign of a bad starter solenoid ?, or the battery cables are not connected correctly from battery to solenoid, and battery to ground.
have a look at this ---> . does your connections look like the pic ??.
your welcome to find us here ---> ************ , this is where all us old timers from here now hang our hats !.
OK guys this is my update, and it turns out the problem was very simple And you all told me what it was in the very beginning. Turns out that I had my ground wire connected wrong to my starter. If I checked it once I had checked it 100 times. I just missed it every time. Thank you all for your help on this and as of now my four wheeler is running and I can use it during this cold Indiana winter.
ty for the update !. in the future ?. always check the simple stuff FIRST !!..LOL.
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