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2007 Rancher 420 4x4 no start condition

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Hello all, I'm new to the forum and hoping for some advice. Several weeks ago my 2007 rancher 420 manual shift atv wouldn't start, just the selenoid clicking. Then it started for a few weeks with no issue, then started the same thing. A no start issue and the selenoid just clicking

I have replaced the battery, the selenoid, the starter, cleaned all cables from all terminals, I have continuity from the start button, full voltage to the selenoid and to the starter. I can start the atv by jumping straight from an external battery directly to the starter. It will fire up with no hesitation.

Now when I hit the start button the selenoid won't even click, absolutely nothing. But I can still fire up the atv by going straight power to the starter. I'm completely stumped !!!!. BTW I tested my original starter and it really was bad. So it seems that the original no start issue really was a locked up starter. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Ill also add that not only are the power wires important to clean and grease but the grounds are just important, if not more important.

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