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2007 honda TRX400EX not running correctly

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Hey everyone,

I have a 2007 honda trx400ex and have come across a problem that i thought was just bad gas well turned out to be something more serious. It had been sitting for a couple weeks in the barn and when i got on it to ride it it would not stay running at all and would not even idle so i figured it was bad gas. I drained the gas tank then took the carburetor off and did a cleaning on it then I go to putting it all back on and get on it fire it up and it still does not stay running and still pops like its back firing. i take the air boot off of the back of the carburetor and it has liquid in it. I wanna say it was fuel but not for sure. figured I would come here to see if anyone can help me out or if anyone has come across this problem.

This is the first problem I have ever had with this quad and I am not happy cause this all happened right before a trip to ride with buddies.
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The backfiring is from leaning out.... To clean the carb good make sure to take the jets out and use carb cleaner and compressed air to get any little bit of dirt out. You can also purchase a can of Chem Dip Carburetor cleaner. You just throw the carb in the can and let it sit overnight.
No problem. Let us know if you have anymore questions.
When you say sit the carb in chem dip you mean the bowl and all?
Take the carb apart completely. Take the jets out, All the rubber gaskets, the needle and seat, the bowl. Then set it all in the little basket the can comes with. If you leave anything plastic or rubber on it, it will disintegrate it.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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