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2007 honda TRX400EX not running correctly

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Hey everyone,

I have a 2007 honda trx400ex and have come across a problem that i thought was just bad gas well turned out to be something more serious. It had been sitting for a couple weeks in the barn and when i got on it to ride it it would not stay running at all and would not even idle so i figured it was bad gas. I drained the gas tank then took the carburetor off and did a cleaning on it then I go to putting it all back on and get on it fire it up and it still does not stay running and still pops like its back firing. i take the air boot off of the back of the carburetor and it has liquid in it. I wanna say it was fuel but not for sure. figured I would come here to see if anyone can help me out or if anyone has come across this problem.

This is the first problem I have ever had with this quad and I am not happy cause this all happened right before a trip to ride with buddies.
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The liquid is probably gas. It is common for the carb to spit fuel out the wrong way if it is running lean or rich. I would presume lean. Clean the carb again to perfection and get back with us.
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