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I am sure there are one hundred posts regarding this but my 07 that I’ve had the best luck out of acted up on me today. I leave it in 1st gear when parked so it can’t be rolled away easily so when I start it, it’s typically in gear and I pull the right hand brake in to crank it. Long story short, I went out today to start it after a couple weeks and it cranked fine short of a slightly weak battery because it’s been cold but the FI light started blinking 8 times in a row and the “1” indicating the gear position on the display was blinking as well. I went ahead and got it out and ran it but it would not shift gears. Once I start accelerating and it’s moving, the FI light becomes solid red and the gear position shows “- -“. Keep in mind the speedometer is still working fine.

After some research, I’m seeing mixed opinions. Some say low voltage on the battery. Some say it’s the angle sensor. Some say something about removing the shift sensor and cleaning it. Some say throttle position sensor needs cleaned but not sure where that’s at.

Before I start chasing my tail, I’d love some advice on where I should start. The battery is older but it’s never not started the fourwheeler.

Thank you in advance!!!
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