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2007 420es

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4wd not engaging , what could be wrong .
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thanks but i have the honda shop manual , but what im asking is when i put the manual select for 4x4 everything seems to shift externally , but does not engage the front diff. has anybody had this problem , or is there any suggestion on what to do or could be wrong ???? thanks
i don't know alot about the es models..but..from what your sounds to me like some kind of elec switch thats connected to the front drive shaft isn't working..and engaging the front differental..seems like it to me anyway. you didn't strip out your front differental's ring and pinion gear's did you ?..any noise ?.like grinding.. thunking ?..if thats's probally some kind of elec switch or sensor..would be my guess.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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