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Hello all, I've been searching for the past hour with results not very conclusive.

I parked my machine with full tank of non-ethanol fuel and Sta-bil last fall. I shut off the fuel selector and ran it until dry and then parked it.

A few months later, charged battery, open fuel tap. Fired up. Under power it was popping and spitting, would die at full throttle. I drained the gas, gave it new and after a few minutes was running 80% better. At full power it would pop and backfire, I could only do 75% throttle for it to run smooth. I put some fuel injector cleaner in it and tried to ride it around to clean it out but now it still dies. From cold, I'll start it up and after 2-3 minutes of idling, it dies. If I try to instantly start, it'll backfire. Key off and on a few times to prime the system (I hear the whine and clicking) and it fires up again, runs 30 seconds and dies.

Fuel pump? Injector? Looking for ways to diagnose before I throw money at the problem. Also, I see some people PM'ing the service manual. If anyone has one handy, I'd love a copy. Thanks all!
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