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2006 TRX500 FE problem shifting back to neutral

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Hey everyone, first time ATV owner here. I have a 2006 Honda TRX500 FE (electronic shift). It’s about 6 degrees here in rochester NY and has been for quite some time now. I started up my ATV today, drove it onto my trailer and when I tried shifting back into neutral it would not. After letting it sit and warm up a bit it finally shifted back into neutral. I attempted to shift into first gear and back into neutral a few times and ended up having to turn the bike off, then i was able to shift back into neutral. Can anyone offer any insite? Could it just be because of the extreme low temps? Any suggestions on trouble shooting or resolving the issue is appreciated in advance! About one month ago it was running perfectly fine. I changed the front and rear differential lube, and engine oil/filter. It it shifting into 1,2,3,4, and 5 with no issues. It just seems to be an issue with neutral and reverse. Thank you!
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Uncle Goober is right usually it’s the battery especially in the cold that can cause this. Some gears require more voltage to shift than others.
If you choose to check for mechanical issues first you can remove the shift motor and the tiny cover behind it to access the tiny shift gears. Inspect those tiny gears and and bearings for damage. Clean all the sticky grease and debris off with brake cleaner and use regular grease to reassemble.
If your bikes dash blinks when it quits shifting then report back the number of long and short blinks for code retrieval because the angle sensor or shift motor could be failing instead.
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