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2006 TRX450ER Hop ups

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I have had my 450er for about 3 years now and i still havent done anything to it except a dynojet kit, took my snorkel off my air box, gutted the exhaust and went to a 12 tooth front sprocket, and i can still beat my buddy who has the exact same four wheeler and has exhaust and intake and weighs about 75 pounds less than me!!!:happy::happy: I did all of that stuff becaused it was free to do. is there anything else i can do to it? would it be worth it to take the whole airbox lid off? Last night i watched my buddy do a "cam mod" on his yamahammer. Is there anything like that i could do? Im just kinda strapped for cash and want more power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean come on who doesnt lol. Any and all help is much appreciated. :happy: :happy:
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Speed costs money! how fast you want to go? gutting your pipe was not a good thing, the motor needs back pressure you need to get a full exhaust, a stage 2 hot cam will give you more mid and bottom end power, take the air box lid off and try a 180 main jet take that 12 tooth sprocket off and put a 14 on the front you will get a little more top end you can do a piston and get more power if you are just play riding go with a 12-5-1 CP that way you can still run 93 octane i have 14-1 and have to run 110 at $9.00 a gal but my motor makes about 61hp stock is about 45 hp if i can help let me know.
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