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2006 rubicon no spark no neutral light

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Hello I am working on a 2006 Rubicon for a friend. The motor started giving trouble shifting and he was getting a temp warning light. When he shut the bike off it would not turn or pull over. I ended up removing the motor and completely dismantling it to find a 5mm bolt stuck in the oil pump. The bolt came from a divider inside the oil tank. Replaced the oil pump and put the engine back in.
Tried starting the engine today and no spark and the gear position does not read on the dash.
Looking for some help. Should the coil still spark without the neutral light being on
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without a neutral light ?, it won't fire the spark plug at all.
Any idea how to trick the gear position sensor
why not just find the problem, and fix it the correct way ?.
Any suggestions?
yeah, down load the service manual, dig in ! :).

#5? That's the gear position switch. I didn't realize it was an external switch on the Rubicon. On the footshifts it's actually inside your cover.

Should plug into the wiring harness somewhere on the right side of the frame (would be under your right butt cheek if you're sitting on the seat).
I think ?, he's confusing that switch with the speed sensor ?. honda does not put the gear position switch on the outside...not that I know of anyway or ever seen ???. added: you did not notice that the gear position switch is on the inside cover ????. lol. damn bro..your slipping !.
Does anyone know what the other sensor is just above the rear output shaft. It’s not connected on this bike. Can’t find it on any of the parts drawings.
if the switch your talking about is the switch you see AFTER you pull the stator cover ?, has two bolts holing it to the case ?, that is your gear position switch. most plug in over on the right rear side of the frame.
The first pic is the gear position and I am not sure what the second one is. Can’t find we’re to connect it.
second pic is your speed sensor, it '' should '' ?, plug in on right rear side of seat/frame, in front of right rear tire.
1 - 6 of 34 Posts
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