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2006 250ex

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Hello all this is my first post! Wife wanted to get her self a quad so we found a smoking deal on a 2006 250ex. Haven't ever owned a 250 so have a couple questions. The first is that there is a slight tick somewhere in the engine, I believe the noise I am hearing is the pushrods. The quad has plenty of power and doesn't smoke a bit. The second question is that of the headlights. When the switch is all the way on the lights don't work, but when the switch it half on the lights come right on.

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M_Quick was right on but just to elaborate.

Yeah sounds like your valves need some adjusting, more than likely they're too lose. To do it you need to remove gas tank, plastic cover under tank and the cross bar over that cover. Then just find those two covers and take em off to adjust rocker arms.

The switch could be bad indeed, try taking the cover off and maybe rewire the switch. Although it may be too much work that may not be worth the trouble. Also be possible that th headlights were replaced at some point and weren't replaced with some that have 2 setting options and just the one.
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