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2005 Rincon

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I'm new to this on-line forum and the broken 2005 600cc Rincon,
auto/man trans. i got from a idiot that let the oil run low/empty and tore up a lot of parts inside.. (oil pmp, chains,sensors, etc..)

we've been seeing that Most of the new parts we've been buying have been changed and/or upgraded and i'm not happy with what we've been seeing so far working on this thing.

i need/want to know if I'm waisting my time/money on this thing and if i should get rid of it while i still can or, is it worth fixing it ??

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ok every now and then i see bump what does this mean
It means he's bumping it back to the top of the page, so someone will respond to it, but I don't really know what to tell him on this. Maybe someone else can offer some advice.
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