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2005 Rincon

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I'm new to this on-line forum and the broken 2005 600cc Rincon,
auto/man trans. i got from a idiot that let the oil run low/empty and tore up a lot of parts inside.. (oil pmp, chains,sensors, etc..)

we've been seeing that Most of the new parts we've been buying have been changed and/or upgraded and i'm not happy with what we've been seeing so far working on this thing.

i need/want to know if I'm waisting my time/money on this thing and if i should get rid of it while i still can or, is it worth fixing it ??

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i really don't know much about these newer models new2me..but.if your piston is forth..and it's just a matter of time..and alittle cash for replacing sensors and might be worth fixing up..just don't get in so deep..where you give up..because your short on time...tearing one apart shouldn't be rushed..spec if it's your first motor it's gonna cost you more than what the bike is worth..cut your loss now..while your ahead..just locate all your bad parts..see what it's going to cost to replace..if it's a fortune..i'd get rid of it fast..if it's not going to break the bank..and put you in the it a you got to do now you want to take the time..spend a few a bike with your own hands..learn as you go..go for it...your choce :)
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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