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2005 Rincon

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I'm new to this on-line forum and the broken 2005 600cc Rincon,
auto/man trans. i got from a idiot that let the oil run low/empty and tore up a lot of parts inside.. (oil pmp, chains,sensors, etc..)

we've been seeing that Most of the new parts we've been buying have been changed and/or upgraded and i'm not happy with what we've been seeing so far working on this thing.

i need/want to know if I'm waisting my time/money on this thing and if i should get rid of it while i still can or, is it worth fixing it ??

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Rattle and than some

How does the engine sound? any knocks?
When i 1st. got it, the person i got it from said that it had to be pushed onto a trailer because the trans would slip bad then stop (and he couldn't find the dip stick to ck. the trans fluid) DUH !! but, we found out when we got it home that the same oil/stick controled the engine and trans so, we changed the oil and filter and away we went. Then started the death rattle inside and the oil sensor was bad so we ripped it apart to find the damage.
he got this thing so hot, it turned some parts blue so we've been replacing parts/seals/chains/pump as we go.
the last thing we just saw as we were getting ready to put it back together was a very stretched oil pump chain that "of course" can't be changed without removing the heads and other things just to change it..
I hope this thing is worth all this work..

ok every now and then i see bump what does this mean
it's just a polite way of asking advice by bumping your post to the top to be read again (so i'm told) HELP !
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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