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PLEASE HELP, deer season is right around the corner!!!
I have a 2005 Rancher, it’s a great quad and I’ve had for about a year now. It’s ran great so far, but this summer it’s been hot and humid and it has cut out on me twice now. The first time, I was riding through some thick brush and not really at a high rpm rate at all. Then the cooling fan came on, so I started to head back home and it seemed to start choking back and then cut out on me. I let it sit for a minute and drive it back slowly and it seemed ok. Then today, I rode for about 45 minutes, cutting it off several times to scout and then hopped back on and went on through the woods. After a while, it seemed to do the same thing as before. I never heard the fan come on this time though. I haven’t checked anything on it yet, but I was hoping someone may have some suggestions or has been through this with their on Rancher. Thanks in advance for any input.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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