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2005 Rancher 350 upgrade

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Been a member for a few years, but haven't posted in a while. My 2005 Rancher 2wd is bone stock. I've used it for hunting for a few years, but not much else. It's still got the original tires in good shape, but starting to crack from dry rot.

My cousin has bought a quad, so I've got somebody to ride with again. I'd like to do a little work on my Rancher, like free flowing exhaust, jetting, air filter, etc. I'll replace the tires soon, and would appreciate advice for a good budget exhaust and jetting recommendations. I live in southern NC if that helps with jetting changes. Thanks in advance!
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An aftermarket exhaust and air filter change won't change the performance much if at all, in fact performance can suffer in many cases. Carb jetting changes won't be necessary at all. Its not until several other major changes are made that combined, add to the whole, that you'll have to rejet your carb. Keeping up with proper maintenance is where you'll find the most value... or most bang for your bucks.
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