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2005 Rancher 350 upgrade

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Been a member for a few years, but haven't posted in a while. My 2005 Rancher 2wd is bone stock. I've used it for hunting for a few years, but not much else. It's still got the original tires in good shape, but starting to crack from dry rot.

My cousin has bought a quad, so I've got somebody to ride with again. I'd like to do a little work on my Rancher, like free flowing exhaust, jetting, air filter, etc. I'll replace the tires soon, and would appreciate advice for a good budget exhaust and jetting recommendations. I live in southern NC if that helps with jetting changes. Thanks in advance!
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Are you looking to change tires as well? I can recommend a radial tire if you are. Smoother riding and higher load rating, doesn't get flat sports, sure they cost more but you'll be very happy with them if you get a set.
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