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ok... its exactly how it sounds, idk im guessing someone didnt tighten the plug enough, and after a long day of abuse in my back yard, the explotion in the cilinder chamber sent the plug flying out. now the right way to fix this problem is geting a new cilinder head. currently that is not in the buget(a new cilinder head from partzilla for just over $600), i will buy and change it in the futer, im just seaking alternative routes with this cilinder head.

ExhibitA: my dad told me to just get a bigger thread spark plug and cut new treads, although this is probably the easiest route, I don't know where to begin to look for a bigger spark plug that puts out the same spark as the NGK DPR9Z. If you guys have any suggestions as to where I could find a place or website to find a bigger spark plug that does the same job lmk.

Exhibit B: hela-coil, if I were to hela-coil new threads, I probably take the cylinder head off and hela-coil it from the inside of the cylinder head just so it's easier to get to, those of you who tried to get to the spark plug of the trx400 know how much it's a sob to get to. Where could I find a helicoil kit that matches the threads of the spark plug?

Exhibit C: I did a bit of reasuch and I've seen people talking bout timesert but the problem that would be I don't know what size I would need, if I need to search the timeserts up by the thread size of the spark plug? I'm definitely gonna have to remove the cylinder head from the engine for this one.

idfk I'm open to all ideas, it's only been a week since I last been riding it, and already miss riding it.
Pls help,
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