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2005 Honda Rincon has a grinding noise from engine.

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I have a 2005 Honda Rincon i just bought a month ago it had 176 miles on it then and now it has 300 miles on it. I can hear a light strange noise some at idle that comes and goes off and on but is more noticeable with giving a little throttle to it and its not the usual sewing machine sound and knock that all these machines do It sounds like it is coming from the front of the engine around where the exhaust curves up the engine. Its hard to describe the sound it about sounds kinda like light grinding or like bad electrical connection. Here is a clip of it I took and it is kinda hard to hear the light noise over the normal rattling knocking sound of the engine. I have heard a lot about cam chain or tentioner problems on these. I was just wondering if this sounds like a cam chain problem or what else. I can only hear the noise when the engine gets good and hot. THANKS!!!

YouTube - 2005 Honda Rincon with 300 miles has grinding noise from engine.
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I took it to the dealer and told them it has a grinding sound when engine is warm and told them to adjust the valves. They adjusted the valves which they said was loose and said it is the quietest engine they have seen in a while. What little I have drove it since I brought it home I do notice there is still some of the noise but not near as bad. I also noticed my 2008 rincon makes a little bit of that noise too. I guess it is normal for them. I can't believe that the valves would make the grinding sound!
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