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2005 Honda rincon 650 problem!

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So I just bought this 2005 rincon and I got to riding it on the first day and it was fine. On the next day I had it out on the road (not the best idea I've had) and it would get up to 40 and it would start redlining, and it would drop down a gear and then back up. Then when I got to the trails I heard some clicking in the back and I started pulling on the axles to see if that had broke and they had some play In them, and when I would wiggle the four wheeler I could see the wheels moving. Any ideas on this? I've always had straight axle atvs so this whole independent rear suspension is new to me. Anything would be great!
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You probably just need wheel bearings in the rear. There should be some play in the axles. If they're clicking, on the other hand, the CV joint is probably bad and will need a new axle or axles.

As far as the shifting, you need to make sure the oil level is completely full, or even a hair overfull. The Rincons won't shift worth a crap if the oil is even a hair low.
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